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Friday, January 28, 2005

Iris Guttmann

Snappy, the Little Crocodile

Lovely heart-warming story about 6-year-old Joy Gruttmann whose Schnappi, Das Kleine Krokodil (Snappy, the Little Crocodile) reached No. 1 on the German charts.

Her family posted the song on the Web as a joke, but a Cologne radio station got hold of it and turned the ditty about a crocodile into a mega hit.

Fraülein Gruttmann is the youngest recording artist ever to make it into the German Top 10, let alone to the No. 1 spot.

Her delightful composition not just beat out Kylie Minogue, Linkin Park et ilk, but has even appeared as remixes in dance clubs.

NOTE: Once on the page. click on the words "Das Schnappi-Video" - or you can try here for what sounds like an even fancier arrangement.

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