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Thursday, January 20, 2005


What did I say? I've turned on the TV and they're *still* droning on about this misbegotten inauguration with narry a moment of poise or dignity. On all channels, to boot, so those short-sighted programmers have certainly missed a killer opportunity to give the viewing public something actually worthwhile to watch.

Instead of straining for class (as these affairs always do), why not simply offer something genuinely regal like the Trump/Knauss nuptial?

To tell the truth, I rather suspected we'd be landed with such one-track viewing so, to wrest back some dignity and class to the day, I rented the hilarious Harold & Kumar go to White Castle. Absolutely splendid movie with ace performances by the eponymous heros, a great interview by Bobby Lee (who hands in a devastating cameo as yer typical nerdy asian student), and some real beauty in the form of Paula Garcés.

Not that the day is *completely* wasted. Thanks to the webbèd world I inhabit to the increasing exclusion of actual Life, I have reading matter galore:

Lest it be thought I simply turned the TV to the wall and retired to the conservatoire with the duty-free Ardbeg, I did give it a go but caved in at the sheer *embarrassment* of the whole thing. To take just one example, there was an anthem-type moment when the band played that Say Can You See tune. Clearly, it was meant to add gravitas to the occasion, but ended up completely ruined by some buffoon leaving a 'live' microphone cranked up right in front of some over-emotional baby face in uniform who, overcome by the occasion and not realising he could be heard by all and sundry, burst into cringe-making tuneless song. Boy, I wouldn't like to be around when heads rolls over *that* mega bish.
  • On the other hand, I did get to glimpse one Nancy Pelosi. Dis donc, I don't *think* I'm into powerful women or such like but that Madam P? Very tasty.

    And didn't her daughter get to trail round with the press corps and capture on film a veritable catalogue of Bush malapropisms and pratfalls? That's the one - hilarious.

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