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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Glam Spy

A veteran case officer once confided in me that no agent would court beautiful women with the panache of James Bond for the sole reason that the moment he entered a room, every eye would be on his glam companion followed by logical scrutiny of his *own* identity.

This made perfect sense 'til this morning's TV appearance of the luscious Lindsay Moran, promoting her tale of Life as a CIA Spy.

Wouldn't the Babe Law apply in reverse?lindsay moran

My own looks wouldn't raise a raptor's glance, but were I some lowly embassy clerk with access to key info', I can't see me 'n' Lindsay Moran managing *any* rendez-vous that wouldn't have heads craning.

marlee matlinSomething of the Marlee Matlin about her.

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