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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Farewell, Folk Hero

Rather a gloomy headline but I feel like doffing a cap to an unsung hero in the Amazon camp.

I doubt anyone outside the Amazon crew know his name, but the 'Zon's music editor, Marc Greilsamer, is moving on and I for one will miss his sharp eye and incisive pen.

I never really understood the use of 'resonate' 'til I came across MG's list of all-time favourites, which does just that. Maybe for you, too.

Here's the tribute they posted on the site:

"[Mark's] been the unseen authority and editorial voice behind Amazon.com's Country, Folk, Jazz, and Rap pages. And, after six-plus years of working for Amazon.com, has bid us a fond farewell.

Check out his exhaustive list of all-time favorite CDs and discover essentials that belong in any hardcore music fan's collection"


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