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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Far Left for Frisell

Genius fellow Bainbridge strummer, the remarkable Bill Frisell, is back at the Tractor Feb 7, this time with his "858 Quarter" of Hank Roberts, Eyvind Kang and the stunning Jenny Scheinman.

I left Frisell's last Tractor gig stunned and admiring - torn between tossing the Telecaster into Puget Sound and getting straight back to conquering his arrangement of Blue Moon - but I won't be attending the Feb 7 rave because I'm such a sissy over fighting for a decent seat.

I like to see as well as hear at these live performances and BF has the infuriating habit of facing the band rather give his audience a view of his stunning plectrum and fret work.

Last time, Bill stood left on stage, resolutely facing the band and sparing the audience narry a glimpse of his genius hand-i-work.

frisellFacing the stage, you need to be far left if not perched on the drummer's shoulders to get a decent view.

Et voilĂ ! See how the great man's playing to bassist Muempfer, completely sideways to the audience. Great for the band, but paying audience beware.

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