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Sunday, January 30, 2005


Could there be a bitterer example of Sod's Law at its cynical worst than Todd Duffner driving drunk mere days after the alcohol-fueled death of his pal the gorgeous Rebecca Phillips?

Except in his case, judgment equally clouded, TD proceeded to smash into the saintly Ernie Franz, crushing not just bones but his aspirations as a doctor.

I'm used to the quip about youth being squandered on the young, but what in God's name are these children using for brains?

Duffner is 19. Even after he's done his six-months' porridge, he has hefty years ahead to mope and agonise over the consequences of his stupidity.

We live in a milksop age of tolerance and understanding - and I have no doubt Duffner will work that to hand-wringing penitent best advantage - but all I feel is cold-eyed ill will and anger.

Indeed, it may not be a bad idea if the tears he shed on confronting Franz in the courtroom flood anew each time he fondles a bottle or winks at the wagging fingers of anxious friends.

To throw the youth's words back at him, there is *indeed* no saying how sorry he can be, and bravo Judge Roof for pointing out that nor has the victim been the same since that day.

The forgiving Franz hopes that Duffner will "make something beautiful of his life" and work to help others prevent such accidents in the future. It's a nice image, a fresh-faced young man bending to the task of leading others back to the paths of righteousness.

How about another scenario, on behalf of all those who will *not* now benefit from Mr Franz's medical expertise? Something as appropriately UN-glamorous as a forlorn shape quivering in the corner.

"Egad! What's with *that* dude?"

"He drove drunk and ruined someone's life."

"Eeuwww ... No more hooch for me, Benson - put the stopper back on the decanter."

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