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Friday, January 21, 2005


First thing to fall out of La Differenzia's handbag in the Benaroya lobby (where, by the by, Pink Martini excelled) was the new Malcolm Gladwell.

Suddenly - burningly - I need to read it and have decided to myself for my birthday.

MG was originally booked for Sunday Jan 23rd at our very own Eagle Harbor Books. Thanks to Julie Leung, I'm alerted he's now scheduled for Monday March 7. More time to read the book and prepare sensible questions.

¤¤ Shrinking World Syndrome: Friday, I'm driving back from Safeway and NPR are interviewing someone who has me riveted.

In true Gladwellian fashion, based on his few minutes' talk about 'blinding' and conscious versus subconscious prejudices, I make an instant decision to buy whatever he's selling.

Who does it turn out to be? None other than Gladwell himself, plugging The Book.

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