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Sunday, December 19, 2004


Even in my Aegean eyrie, with my blogger efforts concentrating more on the new and even sillier Askelon, my email inbox bulgers with Venables-Thompson-type trivia.

Par exemple, Maxine Carr's clinching life anonymity. We shall see. Nice little weekend task for the dung beetles of the News of the World to give some ink to in the not too distant future.

A propos of not much, Greek Google is pretty interesting on the topic of Bulger bashers Thompson and Venables.

Natch, it helps to read the Hellenic coverage in the original ....

On the subject of Google, has everyone checked out the amazing Google *Suggest*? You slowly type in what you're searching for, and clever GoogSugg comes back with a drop-down list of results for that particular keyword *without* you needing yet to submit the search. With anonymity being dished out willynilly to every mountebank and his his accomplice, this is *exactly* what Fleet Street needs to streamline their unsavory exposés.

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