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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Cap'n Kirk - Rocket Man

I sort of missed out on the whole William Shatner laff-in with his renderings of belovèd hits and standards.

I only recently heard his Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky" and had rather assumed that there was a certain amount of camping up on purpose.

Now comes blogger Jon Dennis' ace posting of WS's homage to the Elton John classic and I defy anyone to listen to it without bursting into loud guffaws.

Caveat: Not to be listened to in proximity to sharp objects or containers of liquid.

This is dangerously funny stuff of a calibre that, were the brilliant Peter Sellers alive today (himself no slouch at the Beatles spoofs), I can see him putting out versions of himself doing Shatner doing the Beatles.I confess, I ended laughing out loud at the sheer genius of the man to wring emotion not just from each word but from each *syllable*, nay from the very inhalations and dead air between.

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