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Friday, December 03, 2004

Blunkett Coverage

Caveat to those traveling to Blighty: stay off the subject of Home Secretary Blunkett's grubby peccadilloes. It is old hat and losing its original frisson.

Even Blunkett himself seems to be tiring of the spotlight: when first exposed, he photographed like a tired Eric Clapton; today he more resembles Peter O'Toole with a bad dye job.

His love child is said to have been conceived to the throbbing of bouzoukis on the sceptr'd isle of Corfu, which is where I shall be spending Christmas, in the bosom of my family - not to mention any other welcoming cleavage I meet 'neath the mistletoe nursing her ouzo-flavored eggnog.

Kala Khreestooyena !

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