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Monday, December 06, 2004

And he shall have music ...

Another nifty tip from the amazing ResearchBuzz, this one right up my media-questing musician's street.

If you're keener on media than text, try the new search engine, GoFish, with its store of 12 million media files, i.e. ring tones, audio, video, *and* video games.

Test drive ZenKicker as a GoFish enabled Web-search engine.

You can limit your search to certain types of content but in my case I searched for everything to do with Bert Jansch (spot on), Tom Rush (ditto-ish) and Fran├žoise Hardy, for whom some of the songs seemed to be *about* her or to have her name in a phrase.

Also listed what album they were from and a link to download the song.

There were some areas where I wouldn't want to search -- but I really have to check out any of their Tom Rush ringtones.

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