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Friday, November 26, 2004

Yuletide Prep

In view of my European jaunt, decided to start my Christmas musical ritual early.

Usually, first thing December 1 (this year, a Wednesday), I spring from bed and, shunning the NPR news bulletins, crank up Bach's Christmas Oratorio on the stereo - the Karl Münchinger rendering, with the Stüttgart Chamber Orchestra.

When that threatens to bore, on to Handel's Messiah (Sutherland, Huguette Tourangeau, Tom Krause (bass); the Ambrosian Singers and ECO under Richard Bonynge)

Instead I have dusted them down today and fine inspirational music they make as I order up the musical fare to await me in Italy:

Christmas Song

The next sign that we're into Santa season is that I dust down my 'Touch of Christmas' song in readiness for the December 'Seabold Second Saturday' get-together, this year the 11th:
I feel a touch of Christmas coming on today,
Makes me wonder time goes by,
It may sound strange to you but way down Bethlehem way
Little boy was born who didn't cry.

I feel a touch of Christmas nibbling at my soul,
The sort of feeling I could share,
They brought him frankincense and myrrh and beaten gold
As angels sang hosannahs everwhere.


I'm all right it's just sometimes I cry,
I'm all right it's just sometimes I die, and when I do
I tell that golden lie, the one about you and I
Getting it together Christmas time.
Seabold adddendum: Oh how funny ... I googled 'seabold' on the offchance of finding some helpful link and it turns out that every performer who's ever plunked a plink has something or other up there by way of promo URL.

In absolutely no order of preference or merit, here are some of the more 'noteworthy':

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