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Monday, November 15, 2004

Veni Video Vici

I came, I checked it out, I scored.

By Jove, aren't video stores excellent places to fall into conversation with the belle and brainy?

The young have it easy, of course: all they do is scope out the hunk or hunkette, sidle alongside, and then chirp up, "Yah, like I heard that one's like todally *awesome*/sucks,whatever. Like, you seen it ... or stuff?" Whereupon, Nature takes its course.

For us oldies, it's more like, a) "Excuse me butting in, but *I* actually found that one particularly grisly and off-putting", or b) "If you're interested, there's a marvelous exchange between Alfred Molina and that thingy English chap from WhatsItsName movie."

And what about the new-style rearranged Safeway? I *still* can't find most of what I need and take full advantage of the excuse to ambush any personable shopperene whose trolley contains the item I'm after.

And I'm not alone in this ploy: all around I see it used with panache by gents of distinguished mien and discerning eye.

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