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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Up the Injunction

Thompson & Venables, cont.

More musings and monitorings of the Thompson sightings saga.

Denise Bulger-FergusNo surprises: folks are waking to the possibility of Denise Fergus' inspired sleuthing inspiring others to posse up while Thompson's scent is still warm and the press hounds in full grubby-mac'd cry.

The 'Herald' captures the mood - and I like Denise's chilling reference to "podgy face and evil eyes". I know a number of bounders who fit that description; I trust we're not in for a witch-hunt of Billy Bunters.

SACROSANCT: dead on cue, the original 'Tec reminds us of "that" injunction. It's there to protect the killers' identity, and it's still very much in place.

The Good, The Bad, and the Kitsch: I'm asked why I don't also catalog the superest of the soppy sites on the late Bulger?

Well, it would be patronising and in questionable taste ... besides, who am I to pronounce when my own writings plumb new depths of verbal kitsch with every entry?

Robert Thompson pictured in custodyBut the honest query did set me thinking of a site I came across yonks back whose sincerity blazed brighter than the others.

The emotional force behind it is a young lady called Jessica - no longer so young, I dare say - and it included two time-saving links:

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