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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Teenage Brain

No, not a contradiction in terms and yes, they are smarter than us, they just lack judgment and all those good things we adults enjoy in such abundance.

Excellent talk in the BHS library by a most competent woman who shared some useful links which I showed to adorèd #2 daughter: Brainplace, with its cool Teen Files.

Which brain do *you* want?

Also rather liked the Male/Femme differences.

As always, I sit fascinated by the formidable assembly of fellow parents: granite-jawed dads - clearly accomplished home-makers whose spouses want for nothing - and their mates, equally obviously super moms whose children are all mega talented and live rich lives.

Also as always, I ogle discreetly the more beautiful moms and as a result make an interesting discovery.

At first, I'd look round whenever les belles femmes greeted a newcomer and it was always a similarly handsome person, male and/or female. Then I stopped looking and read my magazine, only looking up when a gesture caught my peripheral vision. Uncanny - *every* time a hot mom waved, it was to an equally sexy mom or handsome dad. And when a cosily dumpy parent waved, it was to someone of also unthreatening cosiness. What to make of it? I suspect, in this pol correcto country, nothing - lest one be pilloried for sexism and worse.

Post-script: I've eaten at the Pleasant Beach bistro many times and had excellent service, of course, but today with the exquisite CB, not only was everyone of both sexes discreetly checking her out but I received nodding approving smiles from *both* sexes, as if just managing to be in the company of such a stunner was some sort of accomplishment, like getting a law degree or winning the Prix Goncourt.

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