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Friday, November 19, 2004

Tarmac Temper

There should be a font called 'Contemptua' for types like me to use when referring to the continuing buffoonery over t'error "alerts".

I just know that my temper and dismissive attitude will single me out for special inconveniencing and temper testing come my proposed Xmas trip to London.

In fact, I've resigned myself to not even making it onto the tarmac. I might as well save the price of a ticket and spend it on decent hooch and a sensible store of Dave's Light cigs.

For absolute certain, Sod's Law will have lined up the sort of buffoons I react worst in front of and *twice* the farce that played out over that soi-disant security security "breach". And don't think I'm not torturing myself with choleric readings of reportage on secrecy in airport security or the equally juicy secrets of flight.

Early days yet, of course, for that mob in DC. Having conned (or not, which is even more frightening) their way back for another 4 years, you can bet they've got planned a series of specifically Yuletide outrages for us to be buggered around about - I mean rescued from.

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