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Friday, November 19, 2004

Saudade: /so-DAH-jee/

Nostalgia, longing, homesickness, Fernweh, regret.

It's the flavor of most Brazilian music, obviously saturating bossa nova but detectable even in more festive styles, much as the blues are tinged with hard times whether or not they put a grin on your face.

"E tem também um barquinho, a tardinha, um banquinho, um violãozinho ... Saudade, violão, solidão... coisas da bossa-nova - assim como os diminutivos."

Loosely: "And there's a little boat, a little afternoon, a banquette, a 'baby' guitar ... Soh-dah-djee, guitar, solitude ... things from bossa-nova - the same way with the diminutives."

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