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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Not displeased with my title, I kick off with some breezy non-committal reference to how much junk TV I watch and a flippant plea for Doc Phil's help to kick the habit of his own riveting show.

In fact, I *am* hooked by le médecin McGraw: by his manner, his topics, his timbre of voice and style of questioning; his utter lack of fake sentimentality or teariness.

God knows, I'd never go *on* his show and I've no idea what possesses those who *do*, thrilling the nation with their most intimate woes.

What it does for *me* is shine an uncomfortable light on my inadequacies in the fathering and family department.

Today's show left me stunned and panicking (subsequently placated and pooh-pooh'd by Anna): it concerned the nightmare of online stalking by 'predatory' paedophiles (describing whom Dr M minceth not his harsh words) and the ease with which they gain access to and the confidence of les jeunes.

Even had me scrabbling to check what the cybertip site is all about.

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