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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Since Safeway introduced its al fresco umbrella'd seating, I've taken to spending Saturday mornings there in leisurely perusal of the Review over a large Hazlenut-flavored latte, occasionally glancing up to admire some flash car or notably handsome mother/daughter combination.

Today more sociable than I actually like with much handshaking and fake homie knuckle greets as folk stopped off to ask when might I next be looking in on the popular and well-attended Pegasus Sunday musical soirées. Very flattering and I make polite noises but have no real intention of joining the open mikers any time soon. However, their billing for star performer nights is stellar indeed:Speaking of late Feb, I note the current Arts News lists a Feb 25 appearance of one Les Barker, "satirical poet from Manchester, England".

Not the Les Barker? Of "Up the creek without a poodle" fame? Yo! Book now while tickets last.

Anyway, back to the Review, from which I spot only gloomy news:
Patrolling fuzz spots bloke asleep in driver's seat of van parked on Winslow Way and "contacts" aforesaid snoozer (by which I assume they mean rapping on the window til the drunkard awoke). Breathalysed, the poor chappie scores twice the legal limit and is duly nicked for "being in physical control of the vehicle while intoxicated."
So beware.

Safeway al fresco eh? If you see me sometime at the grocery....please say hi!
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