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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Musical Nectar

Gorgeous Saturday, clear sky, nippy enough to keep one moving.

Much too nice to be indoors squandering the afternoon on the 'puter, but bills need paying, cheques need signing, family and pals need goading by email.

I tire of the usual music and cast around for something I haven't heard for a while when I remember the raft of authentic Greek CDs sent me by my mother over the months and years. As soon as the bouzouki strikes up and those harmonies start, I'm transported to that land of olives and ouzo and the Bainbridge landscape dissolves before my eyes.

All the tracks are literally "Greek to me" but the tunes are totally familiar from all those vacations over the years and now and then a phrase or two shines through.

They seem to be mainly the work of the most famous composers, Manos "Never on Sunday" Hadidjakis and Theodorakis.

No other word for it. Divine.

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