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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Let there be Light

A snip at $138,435.00, *exactly* what to put in my texting, instant-messaging 13-yr old's stocking: Swarovski's Lolita chandelier, designed by none other than the fastidious Ron Arad.

Applying modern design and technology, Arad's used the classic chandelier shape to exploit an "omni-directional, spiral, crystal pixel board with 2100 crystals, 1050 white LEDs, 1 km of 9-way cable braided shielding and 31 processors to create a truly interactive design which displays text messages sent via SMS."

I couldn't have described it better myself, and I just *know* it'll transform the Schmoo's room.

That or the Hip-e Node PC - for teens, designed *by* teens, "almost every element can be customized ... [and] there's an optional MP3 player and prepaid cell phone."

Sounds perfect. Wrap 'em both.

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