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Monday, November 15, 2004

Frisell frazzled

I'm now even more of an expert on Bainbridge neighbour and guitarist supreme, Bill Frisell, even if it's slightly wasted on me.

Plan was to do a "local boy strums good" interview with BF for our local Bainbridge Review, loosely linked to his recent and eminently speakable and Xmas giftable album, Unspeakable.

Dammit, Frisell turns out to live up to his rep for elusiveness and no-one knows how to get hold of him. Nor does the press agency respond in time for me to fit the great man in this side of Feb 2005.

Nor am I allowed to accost the great man at his Nov 21 Sunday gig at the Tractor.

Red Alert ~ 11/18; 2330hrs: One of the great things about blogs is that one can go back in and edit and add and 'fess up or whatever.

Here I am drizzlin' and fris'lin' away up there in my original posting and suddenly tonight, 30 mins to midnight as I tap out a letter to my mum, into my InBox comes a really charming note from none other than Lee Townsend, one of *the* great record producers.

He's on the trail of some typos I dared present to Phyllis Oyama. We work out that I'm looking at the print-ready pdf version while he's looking at the website version. We agree that we agree; everything's cool.

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