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Thursday, November 25, 2004

"For momentary language"

That Clive Owen, always good, isn't he? Gosford Park, even the BMW ads.

I'll Sleep when I'm Dead looked tasty so I whipped it out, and not at all bad. Nice little thriller with CO as impassive hard man that he does so well and Charlotte Rampling equally impassive as Clive's world-weary ex-. Only one niggle: Rampling gets it in the end and we see the gunman sitting on the stairs waiting for Owen to keep his rendezvous and, presumably, also get whacked - but it's not confirmed.

Anyway, that's not what caught my eye: the movie's rated "For momentary language", but what on earth does that mean?

Fuzzy for my local Silverscreen: the Owen pic has a trailer for a Jeremy Irons movie that I'd seen in the shop but was put off by the desert scenery and the turbanned blond on the cover. When I look for it, it's gone.
Now I desperately want to see it.

I tell the Silver staff I'm looking "for that Jeremy Irons movie, with some German lady in it, set in the desert ... can't remember the title."

Quick as a flash: "And now ... Ladies and Gentlemen"? No, no, I puff - nothing like that?

"Claud Lelouch ... ?" she persists. We look, they find; I grovel.

Not a German fraulein at all but the exceedingly sexy Française, Patricia Kaas, of whom I had not heard and spent the movie ogling and marveling at her skilled lip-synching, only to find later that she's some mega chanteuse.

I'd send a fuzzy to the Silverscreen boss on his excellent staff but their drat contact page doesnt work and 'admin@silverscreenbainbridge.com' tells me, "Sorry, no mailbox here by that name."

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