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Friday, November 05, 2004

Cutting Edge

Well-meaning pals send me Moore's 17 reasons why not to slit my wrists.

Meanwhile, the Brit press doing their hypocritical thing. I can't see either the Grauniad or Daily "Gotcha!" Mirror sitting still if the yanks returned the favor and told America how to conduct its politics.


I saw your Blog mentioned in the Bremerton Sun today as was mine (www.theBScorner.com) and so I thought I’d visit your Blog and check it out.

I’m going to add a “Local Blogger’s Link” to my Blog tomorrow and add the sites listed in the paper today as well as any that I come across over time. I’ve already had two more contact me as a result of the article.

Talk to you later,

Mick Horan
PS: Sorry about using the comments section but I didn't see any other way to say Hi.
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