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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Better Latte than Never

The BI Review java adjudicator appears to be in a wee jam.

Bye-lined "The Latte Guy", our chap's brief is to assess local beans and baristas, which he duly performs with that reassuringly homely style that needs no frills of style or humour.

Sensibly sticking to what he's good at, TLG does nevertheless depend for material on new venues or make-overs. The dangers of running short of java-centrica speak for themselves.
  1. Only a few weeks back, cringe-making foray into the world of Dixieland banjo, horn, and piano. A quick spin of Eddy Davis and his Wild Reeds and Wicked Rhythms could have answered some quibbles there.
  2. Around the same period, affected silly-bugger queryings of the merits of that staple bonus of DVDs, the awesome 'Special Features'.
  3. Nov 24 and cold turkey taking its toll: Not a squeak on the column's caffeinated raison d'etre, instead, ornithological ramblings descending to mawkish meanderings about dad before surfacing again to more outdoor twaddle about dogs, blackbirds and yardwork.
There's a hint of desperation, the byeline struggling upstream in one direction as the literary paddle swirls away in t'other.

Fingers crossed that this drought of coffee-centric material ends soon and TLG need no longer scribble above his weight. A shame to see him slip to "Late" and his space 're-purposed' in favor of prouder place given to that literary gem supreme, the Fuzz Blotter.

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