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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Babylonian Hooker

Trying to decide if this Alexander flick is worth going to.

I'm suspicious of the mixed cast, in particular Pouty-lina Jolene as Colin F's flash-back mum.

CNN's Paul Clinton clinches it for me with a deft para:
"Another problem is Farrell's hair. Sorry, I have to go there ... naturally dark hair was transformed into a cheap, glaring, bottle blond, while leaving the Irish actor's black caterpillar-like eyebrows their normal color.

This may be nitpicking -- but for me -- the jarring result is that Farrell's Alexander looks like a Babylonian hooker after a busy Saturday night.

The bad dye job also greatly hinders this talented actor from ever achieving the enormous authority needed to carry off this gigantic role.

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