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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Arts News

The ever-welcome Arts News plops onto my mat and my eye is immediately caught by news of an editorial change for the Spring 2005 edition of Exhibition, visual/literary arts journal of the BIAHC. Jennifer Scott moves on; in comes Victoria Josslin, founder and publisher of none other than Artdish whose latest issue has a moving piece by Ms Josslin: Deep in the Heart, her account of a pilgrimage to Comanche TX following the death of her brother, reuniting with family and loved ones, with a side trip to Waco for the funeral.

Artdish is now under the editorial lash of Jim Demetre, whose velvet tongue in the iron jaw even managed to extract a contribution from an idler like me: that review of Jonathan Raban's Waxwings novel.

Whatever Demetre's doing, he's clearly doing it right: Artdish gets a mention in the November Seattle Magazine's "Power List" cover story on the city's powermongery of movers 'n' shakers, top orgs and publications.

Actually, Jim is clearly doing *everything* right, down to keeping the advertising coffers healthy. It's only on the Artdish page that I've seen the T-shirt advert for that post-election Daily Mirror headline asking How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?. I don't have that many Republicans on my Xmas gift list, but they're all getting one.

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