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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Peter Paul and Mary

or PP and M, as all we adoring folkies called them back in the 60s.

And none more adored - or even lusted after - than the statuesque Mary Travers, with her blond tresses and chiseled features.

Last night, idly running through the TV channels, I came across some KCTS tribute to them, including shots of them now - both the men balding and a little stooped but recognisable as their originals. But Mary ... I let out a howl of despair and horror. Oh my Lord - who *was* that tank-like bloated creature?

How could I even think that of the lady over whose LP pics I had drooled and yearned? And only 66?

I tried to find some current photo to support my cruel comments but, while P and P seem to have no problem with current portraits, mary and her management wisely resistricts the press photos to the earlier years.

But ugh - they seem to have a tour planned for 2005: someone must fore-warn the fans lest their audible gasps send our Mary wobbling from the stage in tears.

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