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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Control Room

Nineteen months after the actual invasion of Baghdad, and in the final week of electioneering, it was not easy to watch this remarkable Al-Jazeera documentary, knowing what we all know now. The contents alone are powerful, now evoking tears, now bringing a surge of bile to the gullet.

How even to walk the same earth as this bunch whose moral compasses have so long pointed south that the next self-serving sound bite is all that matters?

Some recollections:. Naturally, the skilled editing results in a certain manipulation of the emotions, but how dispute the actual pictures? Or the easy mendacity of those who never thought to hear and see their dishonesty caught on print?

Towards the end, as the press corps are packing up, comes a fierce and sudden rain squall, soaking equipment and scampering reporters alike, clearing the air in an almost laughable cliché of cleansing, admonitory tears.

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