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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pat-down screw up down pat

Irritation and contempt another notch up for the total ballsup being made on this security farce.

I pray I don't take a flight any time soon: I'm bound to come out with some sneering remark that'll have me hauled into a backroom and strip searched and all that goes with it - ending with statutory missing of plane, of course.

The local paper seems to agree, as in this report.

My best chance is to think of it as snaring one of those decapitators, and just hope the image of (literally) heads rolling and lopping among our home security red tapesters will distract me long enough from the sheer asinine nature of it all to get thru customs safely.

Cat Stevens: and now this latest craziness over Yusuf Islam. I'm thinking that the next time I fly, it might almost be an honor to be carted off by the current brigade of buffoons. Famous last words, I suspect.

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