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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Food of Love

Or more fitly titled 'Food of Creep'.

I have in the last 10 days managed to buy myself 'hearing unheard' (if that's the aural version of 'sight unseen') some of the most beautiful *ever* to join my eclectic collection.The 'fool' bit comes when I look Branco and Vakoka up in Amazon only to see that I have already in some drunken abandon already post asinine comments on both, before even listening to them.

Why the deuce did I do *that*? Absolutely no point, but there's the demon hooch for you (of which more in a later post).

The same deuce, I suspect, that had me burning and sending a copy of first the Haden and sending it off to C, then the next day burning another 2 discs for mamzel's delight and sending them off and then, the *next* day, on receipt of Vak and Cristine, sending them off in a third package.

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