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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ali G - cruel, comic, hilarious

What to say? I'd heard of Ali G but never seen him and now I have and he's excruciatingly funny and cruel and I had to keep turning off the DVD to save the earnest pols and distinguished types that Sacha Cohen gulls to completely.

Cast of dupes includes Newt Gingrich, Buzz Aldrin (poor dude, totally taken in), Donald Trump (rah The Donald, gave him short shrift), and that bearded Actors Studio guy who comes off worst.

Ali asks excEEDINGLY stupid questions, to which they attempt intelligent answers. The humor comes from the disconnect between the two, which is to say: 60 Minutes meets In Living Color.

Borat, a Kazakhstan TV reporter with a shaky command of English, has a show-within-a-show called "Borat's Guide to America" and he travels the "US and A" interviewing regular folks, such as matchmakers and rodeo riders.

Bruno, brilliant creation - a sexually ambiguous fashion reporter with "Funkyzeit Mit Bruno."

Watcho out for more from this genius mimic and wit.

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