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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Under My Nose

August 24th, and Island neighbor and fellow strummer, the prolific Bill Frisell, has a new album out under the somewhat unfrisellable title of Unspeakable.

I'm feeling well disposed to Nonesuch records for taking on Laura Veirs, so I won't grizzle too much about their slouchy marketing dept failing (as at time of writing) to get Amazon an image of the jacket cover.

So I'm glancing over the dramatis personnae and the mind-boggling weird n wondrous players Bill's added to this new offering when my eye falls on the recording studio - damn me, if it's not literally the noisy bunch I hear some nights from just across the road - none other than Trillium Lane Labs, who I'd always dismissed as being no more than a home for the high school music teachers and feckless local garage groups.

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