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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Suggested Reading

My Liege apond has a new site in need of testing before he dubs it ready: a book recommendation site and also a meta-associate site.

If testing out a book recommendation site sounds interesting, read on. If not ... what the deuce are you tuned in here for?

Pass the link along to one of yr litterati pals.

The Site:
The User registration

To paraphrase,
Focus is book recommendations and discussion/comments.
There is a meritocratic user level system for contribution (energetic users get more benefits and their votes count more).
Perk will be for users who are also amazon.com Associates.
Buy/wishlist buttons are on the individual suggested reading pages.
They get tagged with users' Associate tags (and 10% to the site, ie The Man).

Nota bene, as of writing, this part isn't yet functional yet (as might be a few things, but the main guts are running right, he thinks).

Send feedback - not so much proofreading, because I've bombarded him with finicky typo-rama, but techie link-bust stuff will help - and pass along if you know a bibliophile or Associate who might be interested.
PS: Pester him day or night: these new fathers don't actually sleep and they need fodder for their insomnia in between feedings.

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