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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sticking it to the Stalker

God knows there's little enough of encouragement and cheer in the news these days.

All the more reason to rejoice over this refreshing report of come-uppance for the vicious crone who's been making such a stalking pest of herself with dear Ms Zeta Douglas Jones and her decrepit consort.

Granted, she bungled the suicide but it was a start and our social services have counselors to advise her where she went wrong and point her once again in her well-chosen direction.

I like to think it was the stern wigging delivered by Hizzoner from the bench that prompted the hag to attempt the decent thing.

In which case, I trust the court stenographer recorded the salient details for transcribing and despatching to every pulpit in the land.

If only all such pests could be relied upon to go so co-operatively into that brusque goodnight. I myself have several recipes for rat-poison cocktail or a Clorox and Lysol shake and must look into making them available online.

Oh, and bonus points for chutzpah to DK's defense lawyer for the gall to even suggest that, "What's actually happened is that Catherine Zeta-Jones has driven Dawnette Knight to attempt suicide, and the real blood is on her hands." Speaking of which, wasn't there some hardboiled NYPD veteran some years back who, having whacked his umpteenth villain, suddenly sued the crim's family for mental distress for being put thru the harrowing experience of gunning the blighter down?

Perhaps not. My memory is currently sub judice vis-à-vis accurate renderings of incidents of yore.

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