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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Standing on Fishes

Anna and I having declared the new Night Shyamalan a complete washout and waste of a sunny Saturday afternoon, thank goodness for the rescuing rental of Standing on Fishes, a movie utterly unsuitable for a dad to rent in the presence of a 13-yr old daughter, even if it is one he wishes he'd seen himself some 30+ years earlier.

There is no convincing way to describe this quirky movie: Sculptor caught in usual battle to mix integrity with the rent money compromises artistic ideas with project to make prosthetic vagina.

The movie itself is funny enough but the commentary is the real winner with Meredith Scott Lynn particularly perky. Always rather fancied that little minx, prominent proboscis à la tribal Chosen notwithstanding.

Further bonus - ace soundtrack that I shall be buying, and anything else by the clearly talented Juliet Prater

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