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Thursday, August 05, 2004


What could be more reviving than La Traviata as one lolls in the morning bath?

I favor the Decca version with the glorious voiced teaming of Sutherland and Pavarotti with the National Philharmonic under Richard Bonynge.

To continue my blissful soapy soakings, I must stay clear of Herbert Breslin's exposé of some of the less savoury aspects of the bulky tenor. Former agent and publicity manager to Pavarotti, Breslin sounds to have told all.

I know that Pav's voice has gone somewhat down the plug-hole of late, but there are some illusions I need to keep intact, and hence will be staying clear of reviews of this book

Also to be given a wide berth in the parfumerie dept: this bizarre eponymous cologne.

I see it is available in a 4.2 oz bottle. Surely, nothing less than a vat would be more in keeping?

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