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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Operation Truth

I don't have access to most TV channels so I can't actually remember ever having watched Fox News.

I've seen clips of that buffoon O'Reilly but always thought his attack-dog act was semi-tongue in cheek.

I watched Outfoxed on DVD last night and the scales have fallen from my eyes. What a thoroughly bogus and evil lot that bunch are - and, truly, Murdoch is the prince of darkness.

Not that Tim Russert showed much backbone in this O'Reilly-Krugman exchange, during which bully-boy O'Reilly's misleading garbage is hilariously corrected.

Which leads me to think that I need to regroup and work out my theory of Bush-bashing.

Any road, the eponymous Op Truth sounds far too dangerous for the 'authorities'to leave alone. What?
  1. Educate American public ref truth of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from perspective of soldiers who have experienced them first-hand?
  2. Provide returning
    veterans with national, regional, and local podiums from which to expose the preventable hardships they endured as a result of failures at the top levels of leadership? Yikes.
  3. Publicize how poorly-planned policies and approaches have manifested themselves as problems on the front lines and back at home?
  4. Act domestically to protect our troops and aid them in their fight to protect us?

Had to cheer myself up with this tale of discord, disharmony and failure among the spymasters eux-même.

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