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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Mad as Hell

If secretary Koh-Lin Powell had a little more "press of" grey matter up there, he'd not be grasping pathetic last-minute excuses like 'work' to stay the heck away from where he and his ilk are least wanted.

Last February's anti-war demonstrations in Athens were among the more violent and inflamed reactions to America's behavior over Iraq. That should have been a clue to the seething ill feeling for this country.

Instead of lying low and shame-faced, 'Coal' displays the national cock-eyed grasp for any activity beyond these shores and thinks only of basking in some glittery reflection of the US' sporting success.

No more fitting comeuppance was delivered - what a splendid awakening. I'm only sorry it isn't receiving wider publicity round the country - that and regret that the demonstrators couldn't have held their fire 'til Co-Pow was actually preening in the stadium - and *then* letting fly with stentorian boos and hisses and whatever else your Yanni Grik comes up with on these occasions.

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