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Monday, August 09, 2004

Fogey's Blog, 2109 hrs

Perfect day, starting 0630 with clear head and healthy brek w/ Tim Russert and George Stephanoppers grilling politcos on the TV.

Two chapters of HomeSite instruction book, gen up on Excel paretos, and thorough going over of Unemployment Bureau site including how to craft job-clinching resumé.

A scorcher - 85°. Nothing for it but to fill G's Nissan with petrol and CDs and cruise off to Fay Bainbridge beach.

Muzak for cool cruising:Non-cool musak 4 cruising:Spent an hour or so on Fay B, swimming chilled, catching the sun and watching the air display over Seattle - Blue Arrows in stunning tight formation.

Home for ham n cheese salad and cranberry juice and third watching of Godard's 'Band of Outsiders' with tantalising Anna Karina (17 yrs) whose 1964 intervue was as interesting as it was salutary to see the now-puffy faced vedette.

Practised guitar in prep for 7:30 open-mike gig at the Pegasus, first time I've graced their presence.

1945hrs: Arrive Pegasus, sign in, nod to familiar faces.

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