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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dept of Hell Hath no Fury - soccer division

That Max Clifford just keeps going - certainly plenty of fodder for his PR genius, specially with those randy soccer and FA types canoodling every chance.

Rather a tasty bird, that Faria Aram - not hard to see why those soccer bonkers risked the red card - and it sounds like the campaign Max has choreographed with the tits n bum gutter rags will run and run.

Stop press: can't keep up with the coverage. Now comes this. I think this'll be the last word on the subject or I'll be spending all my time chronicling what looks set to be a lucrative time for the seductive Ms Aram.

By the way, want to know the origin of the term 'soccer'? Thought not.

Actually rather dull Stuart: The formal term for football is 'association football', which, even before generation text, was usually reduced to 'assoc', which very quickly became 'soccer'.

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