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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Big Fat Greek Olympics

Of course Olympic President Jacques Rogge is going to say that Athens is ready - he has to start bullish so as to minimize the dollops of egg yolk that'll be splattered over him and his fellow fat cats once the lameness begins.

I find Kathimerini a more reliable source, as a result of which I feel a twinge for whole bunch of them - organisers, participants, spongers and hangers-on - over the impending Emperor's Clothing knees-up.

The only way to greet all the energetic brouhaha is to loll back and - as with the Homeland Security hot air - simply let the farcical events unfold.

It should be evenly balanced: Olympics organisers desperately leaping hither and thither to shore up the loose bolts as their hard work entangles; meanwhile, across the Water, Mr Ridge's boys equally frantically trying to *produce* some vaguely convincing and supportive mischief.

Back to Athens - how I laughed at news of the pricing leaflet.

Oopah! I can just see all those hapless tourists solemnly (but with increasing ire) waving those pretty sheets of paper in front of the wily Athenian merchants.

I trust someone is even now working on the comedy hit of the morrow, 'Those Big Fat Greek Olympics'.

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