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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Revenge of Di

I love to think of Princess Diana plotting the downfall of those tourists at her memorial fountain, but I suspect her venom might have been intended for lover James 'Rat' Hewitt who seems to have got himself busted for cocaine.

Not that I'm any Lynne Trusse, but at first reading of the paragraph about
"Hewitt, 46, was arrested in the street near his home in Chelsea, west London, along with TV presenter Alison Bell, 37, a former girlfriend of the Earl of Wessex, who he has been seeing for three months"
, I thought "Bloody hell, not just a junkie but a poove, to boot!".

How does one punctuate it so that Hewers doesnt sound as if it's Wessex he's been rogering? Remove the comma?

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