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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Plogging the Gap: Effective Yeti

I rather like this oddly-nicked defective yeti cove. Don't understand half what he writes about, mind you, but he seems a decent God-fearing soul.

Witty little piece on plogging caught my eye that I thought would be smart to link to ... give the impression I read these savvy auteurs.

As the Yetis says,
"I worked at [blankety blank on account of my own NDA] for a few years but then they made me put all my belongings in a cardboard box and had security escort me from the building. Hah hah, true story! You might think that would make me bitter -- what with them giving me the heave-ho and now using my work as part of a marking campaign -- and you might further speculate that I would use this opportunity to speak directly to Amazon consumers by badmouthing the company. But you'd be wrong, because I still own Amazon stock."

Is that really 'marking', or 'marketing'?

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