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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"Moody as all git out"

interesting: it's usually impossible for me to acknowledge anyone else's stylistic tricks unless they've passed some other test of mine.

But here's a phrase that just leapt out at me. probably common as muck and used by everyone, but here it describes a band's jamming as it sounded to some bird and her blog.

Moody as all git out.

Nice. And I just know I'll use it at Seabold or down the Harbor pub, or just shove in a song and bask in approval forever.

And on the same page, from musings on Spider-Man 2, in what context I now forget, "Not enough merely to suspend disbelief - you have to string it up by its ankles and slap it around a bit."

I actually walked out on Tobey *and* Will F in the same 2 hours, having tired of Anchorman fairly quickly (despite the juicy Christina A. Did I hear that she once dabble in porn?) and the Spider (ditto Kirsten D) around the time that the excellent Al Molina waxed conscience-stricken. Anyway, he'll always be the prissy Comte de Reynaud in Chocolat for me, so perhaps I was doomed here.

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