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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Customer Service

During my mid-1990s PR jaunt in Hong Kong, I had a contract with the Hongkong Bank (in my youth, the more sonorous Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) to write their rep training manuals and advise on "customer service".

Every now and then some fresh and keen newbie would arrive from the UK and show their mettle by picking on some phrase or other. At first, my client manager would worry about losing face, but after sitting in with me on a few of these confrontations and watching my measured demolition of these upstarts, she relaxed and came to enjoyed it for the sport it was.

Often, customers' letters would come attached to originals from some Bank office, in which case I would make helpful corrections to spelling or grammar - extrodinary, similer, ocasion, etc - and pass it up the chain.

Now I see that HSBC have been outed for the sort of weasel service that is probably common everywhere and will be more and more exposed as the attitude shows the thru the fabric of today's CS wiles.

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