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Friday, June 11, 2004

The Office

Watched the second series, and better than the first, I reckon.

God, what a brilliantly creepy creation that Brent thing is.

Same old cast - and what's this I hear of Tim being cast for the galactic Hitch-hiker role? - the ultra sultry and sexy Jennifer Taylor-Clarke still around, thank de Lawd, but 2 newcomers that kept me riveted: perfectly cast Neil Godwin as Brent's non-nonsense new boss from the pros in Swindon, and a very fanciable new lurve interest in the shapely coquettish Rachel.

It ended so pathetically for the Brent character that I can't see how he could be back. I also read somewhere - with great delight - that the pilot American edition bombed with its test audience worse than any other pilot in living memory. I do hope that's true.

Local Lingo With the DVD came a list of Slough slang for the uncomprehending US market. Some rather funny choices:
Clever clever show.

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