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Friday, June 11, 2004


Someone had better slip me a new artiste fast before I become a mega bore about the truly wonderful Veirs, L. I mean, dammit, why isn't her visage on every poster, her 'vox' (as she preciously has it in her liner notes) lilting from every doorway?

OK, so I caught the early ferry back to make a sepecial meal and then watch a special DVD and maybe play some special guitar before phoning a special daughter and - you get my drift.

Eh bien, so what do I find in my mail box, just scraping in one day late of the final EDD set by Florida-based sellers, 'ForeignCD' from I ordered this import?

Correct: Ms Veirs' remarkable and brilliantly produced Carbon Glacier.

And what customs declaration did this 'import' carry? None other than from my hometown of Hong Kong. What a laff. How can I be impatient when it came from such a distinguished source.

Bang go all my good intentions as I shove it on the stereo and play it at manly volume as I husband the insatiable Blog.

I can see it'll be a Veirs-schrift, veering from Glacier to
Troubled by the Fire and back.

The really odd thing is that the geezer who tipped me off to LV, simply by having her mug on his cubicle wall - we don't really get on that well, and yet here I am swooning and mooning over this major talent, all thanks to him.

To give credit, he did crack a nuance of a smile when I went round to thank him and actually spoke a few words, enough to suggest I check out one Jolie Holland.

One crush at a time, I think: let me do a bumper burn for CB - Clapton's Mr Johnson, Bad Plus' Give, these 2 Veirs - get the Oracle's verdict before rushing off after some other bird.

I invite you to read my own article on Veirs. I share your enthusiasm.

Scroll down a little.

(The site has been broken due to some freak mismanagement by Blogger, but it remains accessible.)
thanks, the article is probably there somewhere, despite the "freak mismanagement".

anyway, you sound friendly enough so i'll publish this comment despite being denied the article.
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