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Thursday, May 20, 2004

May 18, 1998

Joined ch√Ęteau d'espair ... 6 years, humm.

Rowena, the Cobbler and I met at the Collins pub for boozy reminiscences and general shredding of others' reputations. The last of our training class.

Next clash of goblets - June 3 - when the Cobb leaves us for the Marxist halls of New York economics. And shortly after that, Rowena will be waddling off to do her mother n child thing, after which she says she'll be back (money, she says) but I wonder. Motherhood does strange things to a gal. Pretty odd things to a bloke, too.

Speaking of parenthood, Real Live Preacher has it right: "Getting a respectful nod from a teenager is huge."

Props to E for that one.

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