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Saturday, April 24, 2004

St George's Day Shuffle

I'm actually shuffling because I've checked out E's blog and see that I'm linked, so I'd better get on with adding content. The St George's Day thing is straw-grasping, a reaction to my sarf Lunnun mates mailing me with an "Oy! Don't fergit yer roots, chum!" Actually, they call me 'fucker' but it doesn't roll off the keyboard as prettily.

And me old mucker Stu' Wolfendale even sent me his latest article - rather damn'd funny if you know present-day Hong Kong. With 150 million mainland visitors about to descend and demo season (such as it lasts) nigh, it may really be time to book street space. If you're interested in what's going on in the city of my youth, Steve Vines nails it in one. V depressing, but not enough oil in Kowloon to merit rescue. I mean there is OIL - all over the street and spilling out the gutters and by the gallon in the sleek raven locks of the Beijing cadres, but not enough pumping from the ground to have Dubya pay attention.

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